Sunday, 8 November 2015

Varoom Lab and Birmingham City University 'Visionary' Symposium

I presented a Pecha Kucha presentation at the 'Visionary' symposium entitled 'Illustrator as Detective: Discovery through Drawing.’ 

I am an illustrator and I am currently producing an innovative drawing project with the Museum of East Asian Art  that interrogates concepts of illustrator and illustration as visionary. In producing this project I act as a visionary through exploring drawing as a tool for looking beyond the obvious, to truly study and discover an object within a museum collection.

chloe regan illustration_pencil_museum_drawing_research

chloe regan illustration_pencil_museum_drawing_research_cy_twombly
chloe regan illustration_pencil_museum_drawing_research_museum_asia_art

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Big Draw 2015

Yesterday I led The Big Draw event at The Museum of East Asian Art, Bath. 

This unique museum houses a fine collection of ceramics, jades, bronzes and much more from China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.  The Museum of East Asian Art is the only museum in the UK solely dedicate to arts and cultures of East and Southeast Asia. 

Visitors were told about the fascinating collection.
How difficult it is to carve jade. Where some of the museum objects were discovered, including a junk shop in Australia! And how to distinguish different Buddhas.

Here are some of the drawings made on the day in response to studying objects and learning their individual stories. The drawings are exhibited in the museum for the month.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Work selected for RWA's 'Open Exhibition'

My drawing 'Kandy, Sri Lanka' has been selected for inclusion in The Royal West of England Academy's 'Open Exhibition' 2015. The pencil drawing was made on location in September 2014 in Sri Lanka.


Monday, 21 September 2015

The Big Draw

I'm running The Big Draw event at the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath on Saturday 10th October.

'Select and draw your favourite object in the museum and decorate it with your own patterns, or take inspiration from the collection. The drawings produced will be displayed throughout October in the museum. 

This event is part of the Big Draw Festival – Every Picture Tells a Story.'

Find all details here:

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Drink and Draw- Alma Tavern and Theatre

I taught a Drink and Draw class this week at the Alma Tavern and Theatre in Bristol.
Drawing from interesting objects and experimenting with materials and view finders, we explored drawing in a relaxed environment with a drink!
If you're interested in attending a class in Bristol, email me at

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Hand Screen-Printed Cards for the Museum of East Asian Art

New Card Designs drawn from the Museum collection and on location for the
Museum of East Asian Art.

Now available to buy in the MEAA shop alongside a series of framed 4 colour screen-prints.
Cards printed in small editions of 10 cards per colour and 4 colour prints in small editions of 6 prints per design.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Selection for the Visionaries Symposium: Varoom Lab Journal and Birmingham City University 2015

I have been selected to deliver a Petcha Kutcha presentation at the 'Visionaries Symposium.' 

Entitled ‘Illustrator as Detective: Discovery through Drawing' my presentation explores a drawing project and exhibition I am currently undertaking at the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath that interrogates concepts of illustrator and illustration as visionary. I will explore the idea of innovation, revolution and discovery as I act as detective and interpret objects through the process of drawing.

The project explores ideas of future thinking in educational and professional developments, as the drawings act as functional and democratic means to communicate my personal responses to objects, and in turn challenge personal and studied responses from the public. Future thinking in educational and professional developments is also explored through the display of work, as drawings are displayed in cabinets in direct juxtaposition with objects, and will be exhibited throughout different galleries.

Speakers include Matthew Richardson, Gareth Proskourine-Barnett, Rachel Gannon, Darryl Clifton, Richard Miles, Andrew Kulman and Andy Davies. Petcha Kutcha presentations from Alice Moloney, Christian Lloyd, Jo Berry, Jo Hassel, Chloe Regan, Gary Powell and Aiden Winterburn.
Visionaries 2 day illustration research event 5th/6th November 2015
at Birmingham City University

Meet fellow illustration academics over a two day symposium in November in Birmingham and enjoy the talks presented by practitioners and academics on the illustrated map as a mode of communication, tracing the link between visionary J.G. Ballard and the cultural and virtual fabric of 2015, drawing and the digital networks of the contemporary urban landscape, revisiting the vision of the original Association of Illustrators committee, and imagining an alternative future for arts education. A film on the manifestations of vision in contemporary illustration practice will also be presented.
This event will investigate the way visionary approaches are able to expand the way we perceive the world, and also how influences from the past continue to resonate today. Illustrators, students and academics are all welcome.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Drink and Draw with me!

I am running two 'Drink and Draw' classes in August at the Ring O Bells, Bath and the Alma Tavern and Theatre, Bristol. 

A Drink and Draw class encourages you to reconnect with your inner creativity and relax your inhibitions as you explore exciting drawing exercises...with a drink!

No drawing experience is necessary!
All drawing materials are provided.

Read about Drink and Draw Classes:

Monday, 13 July 2015

Summer Drawing Classes

I am teaching a series of drawing classes over the summer in Bath and Bristol.
You can sign up to small group classes and individual bespoke classes.
Themes include; 'Drawing in the City', 'Drawing at the Museum', 'Sketchbook Drawing' and 'Drawing Interiors and Spaces.'

To join a class sign up here: Drawing Classes or email me

chloe regan

chloe regan

chloe regan

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cass Hothouse: Dialogue between Design Education and Industry

I am excited to be an educator and industry practitioner working on The Cass Hothouse at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University. The Cass Hothouse is part of the Visual Communication Cluster and CASS//Shift.

The Cass Hothouse enables dialogue between design education and industry. It is a space that sits outside of the curriculum, yet feeds into it. A place for students, staff, alumni and industry to explore the multifaceted areas of graphic design and illustration through partnered research and practice. It informs and evolves teaching and learning practice through ongoing dialogue, publishing and events. 
As part of the Hothouse I am running a Drawing Workshop with Nous VousBook tickets here to join us in our free collaborative drawing workshop 'Live mural: Creative London' in response to the question:

'Can we create a visual dialogue about industry and education?'

Hothouse at the Summer Show 2015 12-20th June
We’re exploring four big questions:
What’s it like working in the design industry?
What enables you to make your best work?
What makes your studio different?
What does success mean?

Students from BA Illustration and BA Graphic Design visited four leading design studios in London (Colophon Foundry/The EntenteKinNous Vous and SomeOne) as a springboard for thinking, talking about and making design. We are sharing our experiences here on our blog, and within the Hothouse space at the Summer Show 12-20th June. Throughout the show Hothouse is running live workshops with industry experts and practitioners. Please explore and join in.
Visit Hothouse at the Summer Show 12-20th June:
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF

Book workshops here 
Chloe's workshop here

Follow us and join the debate here:
Twitter: @casshothouse
Instagram: @casshothouse